Always Dreaming


Winter Ride

I dream about. . . a sleigh ride at dusk. Tucked up into cozy blankets, sipping something warm, and committing to memory every magical detail, sound and smell
Horse Sled Photo: Pete Favelle


No Boundries

I dream about. . . a room without walls
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I See the Sea

I dream about. . . having a REAL ocean view – like this!
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The Adventure

I dream about. . . the beginning of my grand adventure
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I dream about. . . living in a very unusual building1Repinned from Blue Pueblo


I dream about. . . a doorway into the past
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I dream about. . . being in the crowd and watching the lanterns slowly float into the air.
ea679f62b9d7a1c6cb1f944f8127dcd1Photo: Yeepeng on 500px